Fullerton, California, Personal Injury Lawyers

When attending an appointment at the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., you will meet with an extremely skilled and knowledgeable lawyer. Steven M. Hanna and John Upton have over 50 years of combined litigation experience. They will be involved in every aspect of your personal injury or motor vehicle accident case and will not hand your matter off to an associate or paralegal.

The two will deliberately keep their caseload at a manageable level so that they can devote time and resources to every case they handle. Due to this, your case will receive the sort of individualized attention it requires to assure the best possible result.

Fullerton Attorneys Highly Respected By Their Clients And Peers

Most individuals who retain Steven Hanna or John Upton were referred to the two attorneys by other clients. A substantial amount of referrals also come from other attorneys.

Steven Hanna has been helping injured people receive compensation since 1985. John Upton began working with Steven in 1992. Both are willing to work for you and make certain that any compensation package meets all of your needs.

The two attorneys have strong roots in their local community and understand its court system. Besides participating in the Orange County Bar Association and Consumer Attorneys of California, they are also members of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.

The Types Of Cases These Attorneys Handle

Steven Hanna and John Upton have been helping seriously injured people in Southern California for nearly two decades. They are often asked to represent individuals injured in car accidents on our freeways (many of these freeway accidents occurring on Freeway 57). A large number of their clients have been pedestrians or bicycle riders injured in crosswalk accidents. They have also been asked to represent individuals in premises liability cases where they were injured on others' property due to that property being in disrepair. The two have helped people recover who were injured due to falling objects or were sickened by exposure to chemicals or other unsafe materials.

The Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., is a results-oriented firm with a long history of keeping its clients satisfied. It achieves the optimum outcome whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial.

Contact our law offices by calling 714-872-9165. Consultations are free, and they only get paid after recovering compensation for you.