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Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents happen because drivers are not paying attention to riders being on the road. By not looking over one's shoulder when changing lanes or entering an intersection while assuming a motorcycle is not present, many riders have been badly injured or killed.

Bikers have the same right to be on the road as other motor vehicle operators. Proving liability on the part of a driver, however, may not always be simple. The laws of our state require that causation be demonstrated before that driver can be personally liable.

At the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., our attorneys have been holding negligent drivers accountable for injuries to motorcycle drivers for more than 20 years. Our attorneys understand how motorcycle accidents occurred and also understand the kind of compensation that will be needed to help injured riders recover.

The Serious Consequences Of Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents occur on our freeways. In California, motorcycle riders are not required to maintain a lane during heavy traffic. What they do instead is what is called splitting of a lane. However, drivers of other vehicles fail to share lanes with motorcycle riders or quickly shift lanes without providing motorcyclists the opportunity to avoid a collision.

It's not surprising with these sorts of collisions occurring that motorcycle riders receive traumatic and often catastrophic injuries. Even with a helmet, a motorcycle rider is likely to suffer a brain injury, spinal cord injury or a number of internal injuries.

Proving the degree of an injury suffered by a motorcycle rider is extremely important. Insurance companies may not understand the severity of the injury and cancel coverage long before recovery has taken place. Diagnosing the long-term consequences of the injuries may be difficult as well. Insurance companies may pressure the injured person in to settling his or her case before any long-term prognosis has been made.

Since there is only one opportunity to recover compensation in these matters, experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys are needed. As lawyers Steven M. Hanna and John Upton have long represented motorcycle riders injured in accidents, they can make certain that any compensation package will cover all costs.

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