How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Case?

Understandably, if you are injured due to someone's negligence, unable to work and facing a mountain of medical bills, you will be eager to resolve your claim for compensation. Unfortunately, many personal injury lawsuits require months or even a year or more to resolve.

In fact, the more serious and complex one's injuries are, the longer it typically takes to resolve the personal injury claim. While it is natural to desire a quick resolution, a rush to reach agreement can result in shortchanging a claimant several thousand dollars. If catastrophic injuries are involved, it is important to take whatever time is necessary to determine the full amount of medical costs and to account for the full amount of life care costs and lost wages, plus other damages.

The larger the amount being sought, the longer an insurance company usually takes to complete its due diligence. An insurance company will review every aspect of a case carefully in attempt to minimize the amount it pays out. The attorneys for insurance companies deal with these cases every day, and they know the strategies that help them lower settlements. It is critical that you enlist the representation of a lawyer like Steven M. Hanna, who also works on injury cases daily and knows how to combat the insurance companies' tactics in order to maximize the amount their clients recover.

Other Factors Can Delay A Resolution

Some injury cases require a lengthy amount of time to resolve because the injured party needs extensive medical treatment. It is important to wait until you have reached a point of maximum medical improvement to settle an injury claim. Only then will you have important information that will help you properly value your case such as:

  • If you will recover fully from your injuries
  • If you will need long-term medical care
  • If you will be able to return to your job

Gathering facts about the accident itself can also delay resolution. If there are questions about who caused the accident in which you were injured, it may take time for officials to investigate and resolve those questions. In serious truck accidents, it often makes sense to investigate maintenance records, driver training and other factors that may have contributed to the accident. All of these things take time.

A Full Recovery Is Better Than A Fast Recovery

When you are hurting and unable to work, it is natural to be anxious to resolve your personal injury claim. However, we always emphasize that collecting the full amount you are owed is better than collecting less money more quickly.

We will help you navigate financial matters as we lead you through the legal process. We can help negotiate agreements with medical providers while the case is being resolved. There are never upfront costs for our services, and we only collect if we help you recover a settlement or court judgment.

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