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Premises Liability

There are many kinds of premises liability cases. While slip-and-fall accident matters are the most common, other injuries that occur on another's premises can be the subject of a lawsuit as well. Sometimes individuals are struck by falling merchandise. A defective railing or deck that results in an injury can also lead to a premises liability lawsuit. Injuries can sometimes result because a dog or family pet was not properly restrained by its owner.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., pride themselves in the amount of work they put into these cases. They will take prompt action to investigate what occurred, take photos of the accident scene, inspect the premises and line up witnesses who will be able to testify on the behalf of the injured person.

The Significance Of Premises Liability Cases

There's a misperception that premises liability cases are generally minor in nature. What's important to remember about these cases is that these often involve serious injuries. It's common to see individuals suffer broken bones, significant wrist, knee or shoulder injuries, back injuries or concussions. An elderly person who breaks his or her hip after slipping at a store may remain bedridden for the rest of his or her life.

Every premises liability matter has its own set of facts. The needs of each victim are different and are dependent upon his or her personal circumstances. Attorneys representing individuals injured in premises liability cases must give each matter the personal attention it deserves.

Steven Hanna and John Upton understand precisely what individuals have suffered when injured in a premises liability matter. They have been trying these cases in Orange County and other Southern California courts for over 20 years. With more than five decades of combined litigation experience, they understand how to prove damages in a courtroom. They will devote ample time to your case and make certain every possible option for recovery is reviewed.

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