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Significant Injuries And Medical Trauma

It's important for an attorney representing injured victims to understand the consequences of serious injuries. While expenses obviously involve medical bills for treatment received, there are many other costs as well.

Medical Expenses For Significant Injuries

Certain injuries are permanent and will require a lifetime of care. Estimating the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy for these injuries can be extremely difficult. Since personal injury victims will only have one chance to resolve their personal injury case, it's absolutely essential that the amount of compensation be adequate to cover these long-term costs.

While insurance companies are sometimes willing to pay for certain treatment, they may be unwilling to pay for more expensive procedures. Unfortunately, minimal treatment may not be adequate in helping the individual recover.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., will fight to make certain clients get the kind of care they need. People injured due to the negligence and carelessness of others deserves the best of care. Steven Hanna and John Upton will make certain that any compensation allows for their clients to get the latest and best medical treatment.

Wage Loss And Other Expense

Broken bones or injuries to the wrist, knee or shoulder may not heal the way anticipated. This can mean the individual will have to take additional time off from work or be unable to return to certain jobs. We need to make certain that any wage loss is covered in settlements made with defendants and insurance companies.

These injuries may also prevent these people from doing certain household tasks at home. Our lawyers will make certain that these tasks are paid for by those who are at fault for the accident.

Finally, many injured in car accidents suffer lifelong pain. These victims did not ask to be placed in this position. Compensation needs to be paid to make certain these individuals receive the kind of care that will relieve their pain.

With over 50 years of combined litigation experience in personal and catastrophic injury matters, Steven Hanna and John Upton have a great grasp of all the costs associated with an accident.

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