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Who Pays The Medical Bills?

We want to award victims compensation who have been injured in accidents through no fault of their own. However, medical expense recovery can be complex and difficult to determine. The amount recoverable in a court of law can exceed the amount of medical expense, but such an award only takes place following a large number of calculations.

These awards are complicated due to other providers having previously paid the bills. An insurance provider or governmental entity like Medicare or Medi-Cal may ask someone awarded compensation for their injuries to reimburse them for the amounts they paid toward that individual's medical care.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, P.C., understand how such obligations arise and can negotiate significant reductions in these reimbursement obligations. They also understand all of the costs that come about due to a personal injury and will make certain their clients are compensated for every cost. These lawyers will also negotiate with anyone placing a lien on a verdict or settlement to make certain their clients receive as much compensation as possible.

Economic And Noneconomic Damages

There are two categories for damages that can be received in personal injury cases: economic damages and noneconomic damages. Economic damages refer to costs for which a dollar figure can be assigned. This can include medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of a job or of a business or employment opportunity.

Noneconomic damages may seem to be more subjective. These include pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental suffering, loss of companionship and humiliation. Though it is more difficult to place a dollar figure on these damages, life care planners and other experts can generally provide testimony to the costs.

Complex Negotiations Regarding Personal Injury Settlements

California laws hold that negligent parties in personal injury suits are obligated to pay medical bills only as much as the insurance company pays toward them. Unfortunately, the insurance company often negotiates the bills down and this can complicate how much is to be actually paid.

Steven Hanna and John Upton will negotiate these matters for you. There is too much to take into account when attempting to negotiate a settlement on one's own.

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