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Driver drifts out of lane, strikes motorcyclists, kills 1

Drivers in passenger vehicles need to be aware of motorcycles on the roads. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, and the results can be deadly.

According to a recent report, on June 3 a husband and wife who had been riding their motorcycles near Lakeside, California, pulled over to the side of the road around 9 p.m. Soon afterward, a 1998 Ford Taurus being driven by a 64-year-old man apparently drifted off of the road and struck them both. The 37-year-old woman and her 32-year-old husband were both thrown from their motorcycles. The husband suffered what was described as "moderate" injuries in the collision. His wife, unfortunately, died at the scene.

How common are hit-and-run accidents?

Most people know that car accidents are fairly common. There are thousands of car accidents throughout the country every day. But, how common are car accident that involve a hit and run?

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, about 11 percent of car accidents have at least one of the drivers leaving the scene before police arrive to conduct the accident investigation. That may not sound like a lot, but these accidents can be deadly. For example, during a nearly 10 year period from 1994 to 2003, 14,914 people were killed in America in hit and run accidents, an average of approximately 1,500 people per year.

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can require long-term care

While there are many different benefits to riding a motorcycle in California, there is one significant drawback: motorcyclists have little protection from external forces a collision. Yes, many motorcyclists wear helmets and other protective gear, but, in many cases, those safety measures do not help much when another vehicle slams into the motorcycle.

As a result, motorcyclists who are involved in a car accident are likely to suffer serious injuries, such as neck injuries, broken bones and even brain injuries. In the best-case scenario, these motorcyclists are able to recover after they receive the proper medical treatment. But, in the worst-case scenario, these individuals may suffer permanent disability, resulting in the need for long-term care.

The causes of pedestrian accidents are all too common

No one can blame Southern California residents for wanting to walk or ride their bicycles for either recreation or short trips. The weather in the local area is beautiful, and it is great to be outside. However, there are some unfortunate negative aspects to traveling as a pedestrian. Namely, the rate of pedestrian accidents in Southern California can be high.

In high population areas, the mix of vehicles on the roads with pedestrians and bicyclists is sometimes a recipe for disaster. In some cases, even when the pedestrians are crossing the road in a designated crosswalk, an inattentive or distracted driver can cause a deadly pedestrian accident. Drivers who do not pay attention and stay on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists are probably the most common types of dangerous collisions.

Why you shouldn't settle an insurance claim without an attorney

You pay for your motor vehicle insurance every month. You do so because you believe that if you get into a serious accident or crash that your insurance will cover the costs. It's easy to forget, but insurance companies are businesses. They are not in operation to take care of their customers and policy holders. They are in business to make money. The more they have to pay out for each claim, the less profit they make. Your insurance company has a motive to deny you full compensation or benefits you've paid for.

Many times, insurance companies will delay payment for medical and other expenses after an accident. The reason is simple. They are hoping that the other driver will be found liable, allowing them to avoid paying out by holding the other driver's insurance responsible or paying the minimum amount they can. Many times, this takes the form of a lump-sum settlement. Accidents with serious injuries can cause expenses for years. Settlement offers are often meant to benefit your insurance company, not you.

Should California residents be afraid of self-driving cars?

Every day, there seems to be more reports about the advances in self-driving automobile technology. Many people seem to believe that this is an inevitable "wave of the future," and that someday, in the near future, self-driving cars will become the norm. But, are people really onboard with this concept? A recent report suggests that the companies behind this technology still have quite a ways to go to win people over.

The report, in referencing a survey conducted by AAA, noted that 78 percent of respondents reported that they were afraid of riding in a self-driving vehicle. That is quite a high number to confront, if this type of technology is ever going to become commonplace.

What problems do motorcyclists face on Fullerton roads?

Some people will say that when a person decides to ride a motorcycle that person is taking an inherent risk. Why? Well, some would argue that it has been shown that riding a motorcycle is definitely more dangerous than traveling in a passenger vehicle. But, why is that? What problems do motorcyclists face on the roads of Fullerton?

Obviously, there are some problems that motorcyclists can address themselves to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident. For starters, motorcyclists need to make sure that they have the right skill level.

How victims prove liability after a drunk driving accident

Car accidents occur in California for many different reasons. In some cases, a driver distracted by a cellphone may have caused the accident. In others, it might have been a driver committing a traffic violation. And, unfortunately, many car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

In the aftermath of an accident caused by a drunk driver, the injured victims may be wondering how to move forward with a personal injury lawsuit. In reality, proving liability in a case involving a drunk driver is not much different than it is in car accidents that occur due to other reasons. The main goal is to show that the defendant in the case had a duty to the injured party, breached that duty, caused the accident and injuries resulted.

The role of police in the aftermath of a car accident

Most Californians have likely observed the scene on the side of the road: an accident has occurred, the drivers are standing by their damaged vehicles and a police officer is on the scene, making notes about everything involved. However, what some people do not realize is just how important the role a police officer has in the aftermath of a car accident.

If a car accident results in the need to file a personal injury lawsuit, the information the police officer gathers at the accident scene can be crucial. Many of the details, such as what time the accident occurred, statements made by drivers and passengers on the scene and a diagram of the scene of the accident, can help -- or hurt -- each side in the personal injury lawsuit.

Broken bones? They could lead to life-threatening complications

Most people have broken a bone or two in their lives. It's not usually seen as a life-threatening condition, unless the break itself is protruding through the skin. In most cases, the bone has to be set and the body part requires a cast (if possible).

Sometimes, broken bones do cause complications that can make a person very sick or lead to significant pain. While a normal fracture will result in inflammation for up to three weeks, complications can lead to swelling and pain for much longer. It can actually take a bone years to fully recover after a break, even though you can usually use it again after a few weeks.

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