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Car accident injuries can cause life-long problems for victims

Although modern cars come equipped with incredible technical features designed to minimize injuries to car accident victims, many California residents are hurt and killed each year when the vehicles they are in are struck by other automobiles. A car accident can cause harm to practically every system of a victim's body, but as with all personal injury matters it is important that victims seek medical attention to receive support for their individual ailments. This post will briefly discuss some common types of motor vehicle accident injuries, some of which may cause serious and enduring pain and suffering.

A victim may suffer damage to the soft tissue of their body. Soft tissue includes muscles and the connective tissues that keep muscles attached to bones and other muscles. Injuries to these systems can include bruises and contusions, tears, strains, sprains and pulls.

Don't wait to pursue damages after being hit by a drunk driver

It seems like every week or so Fullerton residents hear about a vehicle collision that involved a suspected drunk driver. Throughout Southern California too many people make the dangerous decision to operate their motor vehicles after they have consumed alcoholic beverages. Drunk driving accidents happen in all types of neighborhoods and on all types of roads, from quiet residential streets to busy interstate highways.

After a drunk driving accident, a victim may feel overwhelmed by the many steps they must take to get their life back on track. They may find that their new normal involves visits to the doctor for evaluation of their injuries, missing work because they are unable to perform their job duties, and asking others for help when they cannot take care of their kids and other important responsibilities.

Knowing your rights may be critical to your car accident recovery

After suffering losses in a car accident, a Fullerton resident may be hesitant to jump into the process seeking compensation for their damages. They may have injuries that they are recovering from or they may be coping with the loss of a loved one whose life was cut short by the vehicle collision. They should know, though, that there are benefits to retaining an attorney who can help them through the legal steps of filing and recovering on car accident claims.

This is because car accident attorneys know the laws and regulations that will apply to victims' possible cases. Victims should seek legal representatives who practice close to where their accidents happened to ensure that their lawyers know the local requirements for filing cases. Attorneys who handle car accident cases can also provide their clients with important information on the filing deadlines and the statute of limitations that may apply to their claims and that could cut their options for seeking damages short.

Why are motorcycle accidents so dangerous?

Car accidents happen all the time around Fullerton and in some of them the individuals involved in the collisions are fortunate enough to be able to walk away from the crash without sustaining significant injuries. However, this is not the case for victims of motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists tend to suffer significantly more serious injuries when they are involved in collisions with other motor vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcycle riders are more than 27 percent more likely to be killed when they are involved in an accident than are occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles. The main reason for this discrepancy is that motorcycles simply are not built with the same safety features as other cars, trucks and SUVs.

Penetrating brain injuries leave a direct path open to the brain

Car accidents can lead to vehicles crumpled up like pieces of trash. Unfortunately, this doesn't bode well for the occupants of the vehicle. Many different types of injuries are possible when a crash occurs. Some injuries aren't as serious as others, but they all deserve medical attention to make sure that there isn't more than what meets the eye going on.

One injury that is particularly troubling is a penetrating head injury. Unlike closed head injuries, these come with risks of infection.

Pedestrian killed in auto accident with self-driven vehicle

Uber has become a popular company that bases its ride-sharing business off of customers' use of the entity's same-named app. In fact, "uber" has even become a verb to some, who will proclaim in response to inquiries, "I will uber to the party". Millions of Southern Californians have made transactions through the Uber app to take rides in private vehicles for small sums of cash.

Like many companies, Uber looks for ways to stay innovative and keep their business growing. It recently began testing self-driven cars in certain popular markets. The tests involve self-driven cars operating on their own but with human drivers in place to prevent possible accidents.

Cellphone use while driving is a problem across the country

Readers of this Southern California personal injury blog probably cannot even imagine living without their cellphones. A generation ago cellphones were not the Internet-ready smart devices that they are today. Back then, their ubiquity was significantly reduced due to size, cost and perceived need. Now, however, a person is more likely to have a cellphone on them than practically anything else.

However, the presence and popularly of cellphones in the modern age has done more than connect people faster and make information easier to obtain. It has made certain endeavors more dangerous, as statistics released by the Federal Communications Commission make clear. For example, during any given time of daylight there are around 660,000 drivers on American roads using cellphones, and therefore are distracted from the already dangerous task of operating motor vehicles.

Highway accidents between vehicles and pedestrians are complex

A Southern California driver may see any number of interesting and unusual vehicles on the many freeways and highways that traverse the area. From expensive sports cars to massive tractor-trailers to motorcycles, practically any motor vehicle may travel to and through Fullerton. However, despite the fact that every single vehicle that drives on a highway must be operated by a driver, it is always a surprise to motorists to see pedestrians on freeways and other high-speed throughways.

This is because, for the most part, pedestrians are not supposed to be on highways and freeways. They are generally not allowed to walk along these types of roads, nor are they supposed to cross them. High-speed roads do not have stop signs or lights where pedestrians may safely get from one side to the other, and they also do not have sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on.

Life-changing injuries: What you need to do

Car crashes have an immediate impact that you feel in every facet of your life. You suddenly realize how easy it is to suffer a life-changing injury. Your personal relationships change. You may miss work or struggle with finances, and your ability to enjoy the things you once did may no longer exist.

As someone who is a victim of a car crash, you need to know that your injuries are taken seriously. Your medical providers give you all the information you need about how to best care for yourself and heal, but you also need the support and backing of strong finances and a support system of people you love and trust.

We advocate for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents happen when vehicles and motorcycles collide on Southern California roads. At the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, we understand that as the victim of this unique type of crash your case may be very different than one associated with an accident between two cars or trucks. Special issues may be relevant to motorcycle accident cases that are not to other types of roadway collisions.

For example, right of way issues are often involved in motorcycle accident cases. A court may examine if the driver of the responsible vehicle or the motorcyclist was in violation of the other's right of way. Drivers of standard vehicles often violate motorcyclists' right of way rights by turning in front of them when there is not enough time to do so.

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