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Duties that drivers have to pedestrians

With the volume of traffic that we experience in Southern California, it common for most of our posts and articles to focus on automobile accidents. After all, our region is home to nearly 16 million people. When you take into account the number of distracted drivers, aggressive drivers and drunk drivers, it is no wonder that we have so many car accidents.

However, with so many pedestrians in Southern California, there are also a high number of car-pedestrian accidents, which can be especially devastating to the pedestrian. With that, this post will highlight a few of the things that prudent drivers must do as part of their duty to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. 

Yield the right of way to pedestrians – California law requires drivers to slow down and stop to let a pedestrian cross, even if they are outside of a marked crosswalk. Indeed, a crosswalk protects pedestrians, but if a driver has an opportunity to slow down or stop in order to avoid hitting a pedestrian, the driver has a duty to do so.

Put down your cell phone – Make no mistake, distracted driving is still a serious problem in California. Because of this, drivers must be vigilant about limiting distractions, particularly from cell phones. A driver is significantly less likely to see a pedestrian when they are checking text messages or social media updates.

Don’t drink and drive – Obviously you shouldn’t drink and drive; but you would be surprised by the number of drivers believe that they are okay to drive when they are actually impaired.

If you are a pedestrian who has been involved in an accident with a car, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. 

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