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How to preserve your claim after a parking lot accident

For many people, shopping is the spice of life. It is a chance to find splendid deals, meet with friends and of course, get out of the house. But when you get into the car, you run the risk of being in an accident; regardless of how careful you are behind the wheel. And the parking lot of a shopping center is no different.

Indeed, parking lot accidents commonly increase during the holiday season, but that does not mean that drivers should lower their proverbial guards the next time they go shopping. If you are unfortunately involved in a parking lot crash, it is important to know what to do so you don’t jeopardize your chance to recover on a personal injury claim.

This post will provide some helpful tips. 

Remain calm – Indeed, being in an accident can be a shock. Even a fender bender can result in an unexpected jolt. However, losing your temper can make things worse before they get better. So staying calm is helpful in preserving your claim.

Be mindful about admitting that it was your fault – While some people lose their tempers and want to crush the other driver, others may be quick too quick to express their guilt, even if they weren’t actually at fault. Since immediately admitting fault is a sure way to torpedo your case, you should be mindful of making any admissions at the scene of the crash.

Take pictures – While you shouldn’t use your smartphone while behind the wheel, it is helpful in taking pictures and video of the crash. You may even want to download your insurance carrier’s app so that you can send footage and pictures directly so that you can begin your claim. 

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