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Noises in your car that can lead to an accident

For Californians, seeing gas prices drop is welcome sign. It is essentially the culmination of a glut in global oil production and the growing popularity of vehicles that use a combination of gas powered and electric engines designed to improve fuel economy. However, with so many people keeping their cars longer, many drivers have become accustomed with the sounds that are associated with an aging vehicle.

With statistics from the NHTSA indicating that less than 10 percent of accidents are caused by mechanical failures, this suggests that driver error may also extend to failing to correct issues with their vehicles. Drivers have a legal duty to keep their vehicles in good working condition. Failing to do so may have an impact on a future personal injury claim. As such, this post will highlight sounds that drivers should be aware of.

Whining – No, your car is not protesting that you are starting it. But chances are that your belts need to be replaced.  

Squeaks – If your brakes squeak, chances are that your brakes need to be replaced. Bad brakes can be a recipe for disaster because your stopping power can be significantly diminished.

Growls  - Again, your car is not hungry. So growling does not mean that your car is having hunger pangs. However, it could be a symptom of defective wheel bearings, which could impede your ability to turn or avoid a crash.

Humming – If you hear loud humming, it may not mean that the road is rough. Rather, it can indicate that your tires are worn. Bald tires can lead to a host of problems that can lead to an accident.


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