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Dust storm in California leads to multi-vehicle accident

Motorists in Orange County may not have to worry much about snow or ice making their roadways unsafe. However, there are other weather conditions that could make driving more difficult and could increase the chance that a car accident will occur.


One such situation arose in California recently. Nearly 30 individuals were injured in a significant motor vehicle accident involving 15 vehicles in Lucerne Valley, California, when a dust storm reportedly resulted in near-zero visibility on the road. A meteorologist reported that the wind in the area was blowing over 45 miles per hour. One individual who suffered major injuries in the crash was taken to an area hospital. In addition, three other individuals were taken to the emergency room due to the injuries they suffered in the crash.

Dust storms, fog and heavy rain are certainly weather conditions in California in which motorists should slow down and perhaps even pull over to the side of the road until conditions improve. However, some motorists will not take poor weather conditions into consideration while driving and will drive in a manner that is not reasonable under the circumstances. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious car accidents in which individuals may suffer injuries or even lose their lives through no fault of their own.

Determining whether a driver was negligent can be a difficult task. This is where the help of a dedicated attorney can come into play. Attorneys can examine the facts of the case to determine if one or more parties were at fault in the accident. By doing so, it may be possible for the victim of the car accident to pursue compensation for damages against the responsible individual.

Source:, "Pileup crash injures dozens as dust storm envelops Southern California highway," Kevin Byrne, March 31, 2016

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