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May 2016 Archives

What are the dangers and statistics of pedestrian accidents?

Walking is a great way to get exercise, is good for the environment and saves money from not having to purchase gas when driving everywhere. In Fullerton, it is also an enjoyable activity because of the nice weather. However, it is easy to forget that pedestrians are in constant danger of suffering serious injuries and even death in an auto-pedestrian accident. Of course it increases a person’s chance to be safe when they walk in the crosswalk and adhere to all traffic laws. But there are times when an accident will happen no matter how adherent to safety procedures a pedestrian is. When there is an accident, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath.

Motorcycle officer and Uber driver crash in Santa Ana

Fullerton residents may have heard of or even used the transportation network Uber to get a ride from here to there. Uber allows users to use an app on their smartphone to connect with a driver. However, Uber passengers are just as likely as passengers in any other vehicle to be involved in a car accident.

Statistics highlight prevalence of motorcycle accidents

Residents of Fullerton who ride motorcycles do so for many reasons. Some find it a more convenient and cost-efficient way to travel. Others simply enjoy the thrill and freedom they experience when riding their motorcycles. Unfortunately, even though motorcycles are commonly seen on California's roads and highways, there will still be motorists who act negligently and strike a motorcyclist, causing severe injury or even death.

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