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Interstate highways see their fair share of pedestrian accidents

Of course, we are all told from a young age to look both ways before crossing the street, especially at busy intersections. However, busy intersections aren't the only place where a negligent driver could strike a pedestrian. Some pedestrians in California are hit while on interstate highways.

Although pedestrians must take care to follow the rules of the road, drivers cannot be negligent and must be aware of pedestrians in their vicinity. This is true even on interstate highways, where there are not very many pedestrians present. If a pedestrian is trying to cross or the interstate or is walking on the shoulder of the interstate, motorists must be extra vigilant as it may not be possible for them to stop in time to avoid an accident. Moreover, it may be harder to spot a pedestrian on the interstate when it is dark outside, so due care on the part of motorists needs to be taken at nighttime as well.

In addition, it is especially important for motorists to be aware of pedestrians pulled over on the side of the road or attending to vehicles on the side of the road. If their car breaks down, pedestrians may have to exit it to assess the situation and fix it. They may even need to push it to the shoulder of the road. Sleepy, drunk or distracted drivers could fail to see pedestrians in these types of situations and cause an accident. Finally, sometimes pedestrians may be on an interstate highway due to an earlier accident in which they were injured. Drivers who fail to exercise due care around an accident scene could negligently cause an accident.

In the end, even interstate highways can see a variety of auto-pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries, as automobiles can weigh several thousand tons. Pedestrians injured due to a motorist's negligence should seek to understand the cause of the accident and who may be liable.

Source: FindLaw, "Pedestrian Accidents on Interstate Highways," accessed June 2, 2016

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