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Your insurance policy may not cover all costs after an accident

No one in Fullerton wants to be in a car accident, so most people follow the rules of the road and drive with due care. However, there are always those who will flaunt traffic laws and drive negligently. It only takes one negligent act on the part of one motorist to cause a serious accident that severely injures another driver. You may think that when it comes to car accidents, all motorists carry automobile insurance. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

Individuals who find themselves the victim of a car accident caused a negligent motorist who does not have automobile insurance or who is underinsured are not without recourse. The victim's own automobile insurance may pay for the medical bills for the injuries the individual suffered in the crash. However, this coverage comes at a price in the form of higher insurance premiums. Moreover, when it comes to uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, there may be numerous conditions and exceptions attached to the policy that can be very confusing. In addition, an insurance company is ultimately looking out for its bottom line and may refuse to cover certain medical expenses or they may try to negotiate a lower settlement than what the victim is due.

Even if your insurance policy has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, in order to seek the compensation you are due in an accident, you may want to contact an attorney. Attorneys can help explain what one's automobile insurance policy covers. In addition, attorneys understand California's insurance laws, which they can apply to their client's situation to determine what an appropriate outcome should be. Plus, if necessary, an attorney can help his or her client seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

Someone injured in a car accident may find themselves facing many financial challenges. In addition to medical bills, the individual may have to miss work due to their injury. In extreme cases, an individual may even need to hire someone to help them at home while they recover. Those who have been in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, may find the following overview of uninsured/underinsured coverage helpful.

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