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How long does one have to bring a lawsuit after a car accident?

When a person in Fullerton is the victim of a car crash, his or her first concern may be simply recovering physically from the injuries that he or she suffered. However, as the medical expenses mount, along with the victim's lost wages from being unable to work and his or her continuing pain and suffering, the thought of seeking legal action against the responsible party may start to come to the forefront of the victim's mind. However, did you know that a person injured in a car accident only has a certain amount of time in which to bring a lawsuit?

This time period is known as a "statute of limitations." Once the statute of limitations runs its course, it is no longer possible to bring a lawsuit based on the specific facts of your case. Sometimes the statute of limitations can be "tolled," that is, suspended, if certain circumstances exist, such as the defendant being under age 18 or is not in California. Once the reason behind the suspension ends, the limitations period will recommence.

In a personal injury case, such as that stemming from a car accident in which the defendant caused the plaintiff physical harm (either intentionally or unintentionally), the statute of limitations is two years from the date that the plaintiff was injured. However, if the plaintiff does not immediately discover the injury, the statute of limitations is one year from the date in which the plaintiff discovered the injury.

In the end, determining the statute of limitations for a car accident injury is important, as once the statute has run, your ability to sue is gone. An experienced person injury attorney can give people in the Fullerton area advice about the statute of limitations in their case.

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