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How an attorney can help after a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries can have a massive impact on your life. Often, the person who suffered the injury, whether it was during a car accident or an accident at work, will require care for some time. In some cases, those who suffer a TBI do not recover sufficiently to resume their previous work. Their spouse or other family members must become caregivers, increasing the impact on the family's finances. If someone you love has suffered a TBI as the result of a car accident or a workplace injury, speaking with an attorney as soon as possible is in everyone's best interests.

Traumatic brain injuries can change your world

Because the brain is integral to much of what we do in any given day, those who suffer a TBI often lose function, change their behavior, or have a major shift in personality. This can result in difficulty socializing and an inability to do their previous job. Sometimes, people don't realize immediately that they'd sustained a TBI. It can take days or weeks for the symptoms to present. It's easy at first to dismiss them. However, the ongoing dizziness, nausea, or sensory issues that attend TBIs are hard to ignore as they persist.

Other than getting appropriate medical care, finding an attorney to help is one of the most important steps you can take following the diagnosis of a loved one with a TBI.

Traumatic brain injuries often come with big bills

Because they are often sustained during a serious car accident or worksite injury, TBIs usually result in major medical bills. In addition to emergency trauma care immediately following the injury, there is typically a need for ongoing care. In addition to physical therapy, medical treatments, medications for symptoms, the TBI victim and one's immediate family may need counseling or therapy to adjust to their new reality. Those bills can accrue quickly, overwhelming a family that has already lost a wage earner (possibly two, if the person with the TBI requires ongoing in-home care).

Insurance providers are often reticent to cover the expenses that come with a TBI. They will try to find another payer who can be held responsible. Two other places to look include the workers' compensation insurance or vehicular insurance of the at-fault party. The medial providers, however, will not delay billing. This can leave your family in a situation that can damage credit. An experienced attorney knows how to advocate for your family with the insurance providers, helping to secure prompt payment and fair settlement offers.

An attorney will protect your family in this vulnerable time

Your family should be focused on adjusting to its new reality and supporting your injured loved one as he or she heals and acclimates to the TBI. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney ensures that you can focus on what matters. Moreover, you know that your financial and legal interests are being protected.

When someone you love is diagnosed with a TBI, schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The first consultation is free, and the advice and advocacy may be invaluable in the upcoming weeks and months.

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