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Bicyclist injured in hit and run crash

When there is a motor vehicle accident in California, those involved are expected to stop their vehicles to make certain that people are uninjured and, if they are hurt, emergency help is called. Even if there are no injuries immediately visible, it is still imperative that the drivers stop and exchange insurance information. With many car accidents, there is serious injury that only shows itself long after the accident has happened. Those who do not stop can face charges of a hit and run. This is particularly egregious if the accident involves a pedestrian or a bicyclist. Those who have been hurt or had a loved one hurt in such a crash need to understand how to protect their rights.

According to a recent report, a man who was riding his bicycle on the recent Super Bowl Sunday was hit by a car that subsequently fled the scene. The victim, in his mid-30s, has five children. He was hospitalized with injuries on the left side of his body, including to his brain. He had brain surgery on the night of the crash due to a blood clot. He is still suffering from swelling in his brain. In conducting their accident investigation, police have located a person of interest. No arrest has been made yet.

When there is an accident with a car and a bicycle, the rider is vulnerable to significant injuries and even death. This is true whether the bicyclist was wearing protective gear or not. Injuries suffered in this type of accident can lead to a long stay in the hospital, surgeries, aftercare and the possibility that the person will not be able to get back to normal. This can place a financial and personal strain on the entire family for the rest of the injured person's life. Insurance is meant to cover the costs for an accident, but the offer that an insurer might make to settle a case and preclude a legal claim is often far less than is necessary. A family needs to make sure they take all the necessary steps to be compensated.

In this accident, a man who was riding his bike was hit by a car that departed without providing help or calling for emergency assistance. Considering the man's injuries, his family must make certain that they take all the necessary steps to provide his treatment and care.

Source:, "Person Of Interest Found In Superbowl Hit And Run In Laguna Niguel," Ashley Ludwig, Feb. 9, 2017

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