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March 2017 Archives

One car accident in Fullerton may be related to another

Most people have probably seen "chain reaction" accidents on the roadways in California before. This is when the actions in a car accident far ahead of a chain of vehicles impacts many of the vehicles behind the location of the initial impact. Something similar may have occurred recently when, in the early morning hours of March 25, two separate accidents occurred on Highway 91.

Know some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents

Most people in Fullerton don't expect calamity to occur when they are out for a walk or a jog. Unfortunately, the reality is that pedestrian accidents are fairly common. Motorists these days have become more dangerous than ever it seems, as they are constantly distracted by their smartphones and other issues while driving. Sadly, it is pedestrians who pay the price for this negligence.

How common are drunk driving accidents?

It is a sad reality that drunk driving accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries in California and across the United States each year. It seems that no matter how much of an emphasis public policy makers put on combatting drunk driving, it still occurs. But, just how common are drunk driving accidents?

Motorcycle accident statistics show more deaths, fewer injuries

Unlike many other parts of the country, there is never a part of the year when residents of Southern California have to put their motorcycles up due to the winter weather. So, while many people throughout many parts of America are just now getting their motorcycles out as spring approaches, Southern California residents have been riding their motorcycles throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, this increased amount of exposure time on the roadways might increase the likelihood of motorcycle accidents occurring.

7 things you must know about brain injuries after a car accident

Car accident injuries can range from mild to severe. You might not realize the full severity of the injuries you suffered while you are still at the scene of the accident. Instead, some injuries might come to light later. One injury that is possible in a car accident is a brain injury. Knowing some basic points about brain injuries is crucial if you were in any accident.

Pair hit by a drunk driver in overnight crash taken to hospital

It is unfortunate that there are motorists who are reckless, don't pay strict attention to the road, are negligent or engage in behaviors that place themselves and others in danger. These drivers are everywhere and one of the most dangerous behaviors in which they partake is drinking and driving. An accident caused by a drunk driver can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Those who are involved in this type of auto accident need to understand their possible rights to be compensated.

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