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April 2017 Archives

Pedestrian killed in truck collision

California, with the highest population in the country and great weather year-round, sees a disproportionately high number of pedestrian accidents, when compared with other states. Based on the numbers and other factors, this seems logical. However, drivers should do more to make sure that they are not putting pedestrians in peril. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, one driver failed in this responsibility.

Making sure insurance companies fulfill their obligations

Most of our readers in Southern California understand the basics of a personal injury lawsuit. When an accident, like a car accident, is caused by another party's negligence, that party can be held responsible in civil court for damages. There are really only four parts to most personal injury cases: show that a duty existed, the defendant breached that duty, the victim's injuries and costs would not have occurred "but for" the negligence of the defendant and, lastly, show that there were damages that resulted.

What economic damages can be recovered after a car accident?

When California residents pursue a personal injury lawsuit in the aftermath of a car accident, there will likely be different legal terms that they will not recognize. The term, "compensation," refers to the ultimate goal of financial recovery to help the injured victim recover from the accident. But, what part of this compensation are economic damages that can be recovered?

The impact of motorcycle accidents in America

The impact of any given motorcycle accident can be felt by multiple parties. The injured motorcyclist may have serious injuries that will need weeks or even months of medical attention. That injured person's family will likely bear a significant financial impact as a result. And then, the other driver who caused the accident will face the prospect of a personal injury lawsuit.

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