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3 ways brain injuries impact your life after an accident

1. Brain injuries can result in memory loss

Brain injuries can result in memory loss that makes it hard for a person to remember things that happen from day-to-day. Sometimes, the memory loss is significant, and the person may even forget who he or she is. Known as amnesia, this is a serious condition that eliminates a person's memories from certain times in their lives. Amnesia and memory loss may not be permanent, although some people do struggle with it in the long term.

2. Brain injuries impact your social, home and work relationships

Since there are so many symptoms of brain injuries, social, home and work relationships suffer. Those who used to enjoy going out with others in social gatherings may now struggle with migraines or mood alterations that make it hard to be around people. They could struggle with balance disorders or fainting, fatigue or other issues that make it hard to participate in normal activities.

Family relationships may also suffer as a result of a brain injury. Since personality changes are one potential side effect, the people around the injured person may notice differences in how he or she acts. A lack of restraint, aggressive behaviors and other unusual acts may strain relationships. Additionally, those spouses who used to work may now need to stay home to care for their injured loved one, which makes it harder on the family financially.

Your work life is also affected following a brain injury. If you suffer problems with your memory, for example, it might be hard to work as a teacher after your injury. In another situation, being unbalanced could make it impossible to work as a construction worker as you did in the past. Without the ability to bring in an income, this could cause financial stress, anxiety and other concerns.

3. Brain injuries take time to heal

Brain injuries do take time to heal. While minor concussions could resolve within a few weeks or months, other traumatic injuries take much longer. Some require surgery, while others require long-term therapies and rehabilitation. Everyone's injuries are different, which makes it hard to predict how long you'll be affected by a brain injury.

Your attorney can help by assisting with your claim while you recover. With the right help, you'll be able to focus on your recovery while a professional works to get you a fair and adequate settlement.

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