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What economic damages can be recovered after a car accident?

When California residents pursue a personal injury lawsuit in the aftermath of a car accident, there will likely be different legal terms that they will not recognize. The term, "compensation," refers to the ultimate goal of financial recovery to help the injured victim recover from the accident. But, what part of this compensation are economic damages that can be recovered?

Well, probably the most important type of financial recovery to pursue in the aftermath of car accidents is medical expenses. When car accidents leave victims with serious injuries, extensive medical treatment will likely be needed. And, with that extensive medical treatment inevitably comes medical bills. Should a victim who was injured due to the negligence of another driver be the one to foot the bill for these costs? No -- and that is the point of personal injury lawsuits.

But, serious injuries in a car accident will result in more financial concerns than just the associated medical bills. Injured victims will likely be unable to return to work for quite a while as they recover from the injuries. This means they will not be able to earn an income. In a personal injury lawsuit, an injured plaintiff can make a claim for these lost wages as well.

Another type of damage to seek could be compensation for pain and suffering. Nonetheless, this type of damages can be difficult to prove. It will likely take a convincing argument that will allow a jury to determine that the nature of the injury caused considerable pain at the time it occurred, as well as the pain that will occur going forward.

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