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May 2017 Archives

Why you shouldn't settle an insurance claim without an attorney

You pay for your motor vehicle insurance every month. You do so because you believe that if you get into a serious accident or crash that your insurance will cover the costs. It's easy to forget, but insurance companies are businesses. They are not in operation to take care of their customers and policy holders. They are in business to make money. The more they have to pay out for each claim, the less profit they make. Your insurance company has a motive to deny you full compensation or benefits you've paid for.

Should California residents be afraid of self-driving cars?

Every day, there seems to be more reports about the advances in self-driving automobile technology. Many people seem to believe that this is an inevitable "wave of the future," and that someday, in the near future, self-driving cars will become the norm. But, are people really onboard with this concept? A recent report suggests that the companies behind this technology still have quite a ways to go to win people over.

What problems do motorcyclists face on Fullerton roads?

Some people will say that when a person decides to ride a motorcycle that person is taking an inherent risk. Why? Well, some would argue that it has been shown that riding a motorcycle is definitely more dangerous than traveling in a passenger vehicle. But, why is that? What problems do motorcyclists face on the roads of Fullerton?

How victims prove liability after a drunk driving accident

Car accidents occur in California for many different reasons. In some cases, a driver distracted by a cellphone may have caused the accident. In others, it might have been a driver committing a traffic violation. And, unfortunately, many car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

The role of police in the aftermath of a car accident

Most Californians have likely observed the scene on the side of the road: an accident has occurred, the drivers are standing by their damaged vehicles and a police officer is on the scene, making notes about everything involved. However, what some people do not realize is just how important the role a police officer has in the aftermath of a car accident.

Broken bones? They could lead to life-threatening complications

Most people have broken a bone or two in their lives. It's not usually seen as a life-threatening condition, unless the break itself is protruding through the skin. In most cases, the bone has to be set and the body part requires a cast (if possible).

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