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Broken bones? They could lead to life-threatening complications

Most people have broken a bone or two in their lives. It's not usually seen as a life-threatening condition, unless the break itself is protruding through the skin. In most cases, the bone has to be set and the body part requires a cast (if possible).

Sometimes, broken bones do cause complications that can make a person very sick or lead to significant pain. While a normal fracture will result in inflammation for up to three weeks, complications can lead to swelling and pain for much longer. It can actually take a bone years to fully recover after a break, even though you can usually use it again after a few weeks.

Can broken bones lead to life-threatening conditions?

Some broken bones lead to life-threatening conditions. If a bone punctures a major artery, there is a potential for the patient to bleed to death. This is most common when the femoral artery or pelvic arteries are pierced by the bone.

What complications arise from broken ribs?

Those who suffer multiple broken ribs, which could occur in a serious traffic accident, have a risk of developing pneumothorax or flail chest. Broken ribs are incredibly painful to begin with, but with the secondary conditions, breathing can become so difficult that the patient is unable to do so on his or her own and needs medical assistance.

Do young people need to be concerned about hip fractures?

In the case of hip fractures, even a young person can lose complete mobility. When a person loses mobility, it can lead to pneumonia and other life-threatening conditions. Usually, these conditions occur in the elderly, but younger people could suffer from them as well.

What are some other possible complications?

Overall, there are many potential complications. Vascular injury, compartment syndrome, infections from open fracture sites, fracture blisters, pneumonia, shock and embolisms are all possible. Since fractures can lead to life-threatening complications, it's always important to seek out medical care after a car crash or other incident that leads to what you believe is a broken bone. If your medical provider identifies a broken bone, he or she can help treat it correctly, so you have a lower chance of suffering from dangerous complications.

After you're hurt by another person, your attorney can focus on filing a claim, so you can spend your time recovering from your injury. No matter your age, the person responsible for your injuries should be held liable.

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