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Should California residents be afraid of self-driving cars?

Every day, there seems to be more reports about the advances in self-driving automobile technology. Many people seem to believe that this is an inevitable "wave of the future," and that someday, in the near future, self-driving cars will become the norm. But, are people really onboard with this concept? A recent report suggests that the companies behind this technology still have quite a ways to go to win people over.

The report, in referencing a survey conducted by AAA, noted that 78 percent of respondents reported that they were afraid of riding in a self-driving vehicle. That is quite a high number to confront, if this type of technology is ever going to become commonplace.

One of the ultimate hopes of those who are proponents of self-driving cars is that these vehicles will reduce the number of car accidents that occur. As previous posts here have mentioned, for the first time in decades, the statistics of car accidents that are occurring are actually on the rise. Some will point to the increase in distracted driving. Others, that there might be more cars on the roads than ever before. But, whatever the cause, the hope is that self-driving cars will be at least part of the solution.

Should California residents be afraid of self-driving cars? That depends. Right now, the infrastructure is not really in place for these vehicles to share the roads with other cars on a daily basis. Before we can trust the technology behind self-driving cars, it appears that more will need to be done.

Source: KOLO, "The fear of self-driving cars," Terri Russell, May 16, 2017

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