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July 2017 Archives

Motorcycle accident can occur due to rider stunts on the road

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Southern California and they must share the road with drivers of conventional vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Most simply go about their business and do not engage in behaviors that place themselves and other drivers in danger. However, there are some who behave recklessly and place people at risk of being in a crash. An accident with a motorcyclist is generally perceived as being due to motorcycle unawareness or a violation by a driver, but motorcycle riders can sometimes take part in certain activities that can cause cars to crash.

Teen arrested for DUI after auto-pedestrian accident

During the summer in Southern California, there will be many teens on the road. Their inexperience can make them a danger to other drivers and pedestrians who are also on the road. Compounding these dangers is when the teen driver is operating the vehicle recklessly and under the influence. When there are pedestrian accidents, regardless of the cause, there can be severe injuries and even death. Those who have been in an auto accident as a pedestrian need to know how to seek compensation through a legal filing for all they have lost.

States with legal marijuana have increase in car accidents

California recreational use of marijuana was legalized in the fall of 2016. While that was viewed as a victory for those who believe its use to be harmless and up to the individual, provided they are of legal age, there were still concerns that it could lead to other issues. Law enforcement made certain to emphasize that a car accident while high on marijuana would be viewed similarly as a drunk driving accident. This matter was studied in the context of other states that legalized marijuana, and it was found that there has been a rise in crashes in those states.

Study: risky behaviors for car accidents prevalent in California

A car collision can happen anywhere regardless of the statistics and the perceptions that accompany certain locations. However, there are certain locations where the numbers show that it is fundamentally more dangerous to be on the road. Los Angeles and several other areas on California are statistically considered some of the most dangerous areas in the U.S. A study from QuoteWizard Insurance conducted the research and provided this information.

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