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A simple fracture isn't simple for the victim

The violent impact of a car crash can lead to a host of injuries. While some people can walk away with nothing more than scrapes and bruises, some victims of car crashes have much more serious injuries. One injury that is possible is a broken bone.

Broken bones, which are referred to as fractures in the medical world, vary in severity. If you have a fractured bone, you need to seek medical care right away. For a person who has a broken bone, understanding a few points about them might help them to understand what happened and what lies ahead.

Symptoms of a fracture

The symptoms of a fracture can vary depending on the location and severity. You will likely experience severe pain in the area of the fracture. You may notice redness and swelling. The area might look disfigured due to the movement of the bones, and the affected limb might be difficult or impossible to move.

Types of fractures

Fractures are classified according to how the bone broke. A stable fracture is one in which the bone is broken but the ends of the bone are still close together. In a stable fracture, the bone doesn't break through the skin.

If the bone does break through the skin, the fracture is classified as a compound, open fracture. It is possible for the impact that led to the fracture to cause an opening in the skin. In this case, the bone might not be easily seen through the wound.

A transverse fracture has a horizontal fracture line. A comminuted fracture is one in which the bone is broken into at least three pieces. An oblique fracture occurs in an angled manner.

Treatments for a fracture

In many cases, the fractured limb is placed in a cast or brace. Some fractures, such as a fractured tail bone, can't be immobilized in this manner. Pain medications might help to reduce the discomfort and anti-inflammatory medications may to reduce swelling. Antibiotics could be prescribed if the fracture was an open fracture or if there is reason to believe that infection might occur.

Prognosis for a fracture

Most fractures heal with time and appropriate treatment. The healing phase can be uncomfortable. You might need to undergo therapy to help you strengthen the affected limb and regain full use of it. While you are healing, your doctor may tell you that you can't work or that you have to cut back on what you do at work. As you can imagine, this can affect your bank account since your income might be affected.

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