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Motorcycle accident can occur due to rider stunts on the road

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Southern California and they must share the road with drivers of conventional vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Most simply go about their business and do not engage in behaviors that place themselves and other drivers in danger. However, there are some who behave recklessly and place people at risk of being in a crash. An accident with a motorcyclist is generally perceived as being due to motorcycle unawareness or a violation by a driver, but motorcycle riders can sometimes take part in certain activities that can cause cars to crash.

One group is known for performing stunts on the Southern California roads. It is not simply that they are placing themselves in danger - one recently died when he fell after standing on the seat of the motorcycle as it was moving - but they are also placing other people on the road at risk by making themselves something to avoid rather than share the road with. According to the California Highway Patrol, there was a recent incident in which up to 30 motorcyclists forced traffic to slow on the freeway as the bikers took turns doing stunts.

Vehicles that are forced to take evasive action might have a crash in which there are injuries and even fatalities. If this happens because a motorcyclist or a group of motorcyclists chooses to serve their own agenda rather than adhere to the rules of the road, those who were affected need to be aware of who was responsible and act. If there is a significant accident due to their behaviors, the bikers could be arrested and charged with a felony.

When there is a motorcycle-car accident, the accident investigation is key to determining how and why it happened. Although it might be initially believed that a crash was a matter of circumstance, biker behavior can be a vital part of the incident and serve as evidence for a legal filing. An accident with injuries can lead to medical expenses, pain and the need for long term care for the accident victim. Discussing a legal filing with an attorney who is experienced with motorcycle accidents is an integral part of a case.

Source:, "Dangerous Motorcycle Stunts Putting Innocent Drivers At Risk," July 16, 2017

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