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Spine fractures are very serious injuries

Back and neck injuries are common when you are involved in a car accident. One of the injuries that is possible in these cases is a spine fracture. Car crashes account for around 45 percent of spine fractures. Because fractures in arms and legs are so common, many people tend to downplay the severity of a spine fracture.

A spine fracture, which is also known as a broken back, can lead to very serious complications.

Other structures can be damaged

Because of way that the spinal cord and spine are situated, a fracture in the spine can lead to damage to the spinal cord. This could mean that you have to deal with the effects of a spinal cord injury while you are trying to heal from a fractured spine.

The structures in the area of the fracture can become compressed, which can cause painful symptoms. Extreme pain in the area of the fracture might occur. Numbness and tingling in the limbs could be present. In cases where the spine fracture caused serious damage to the spinal cord, it is possible that there will be loss of bladder or bowel control and paralysis.

Diagnosis and treatments

Imaging scans are necessary to diagnose a spine fracture. This can include a CT scan, an MRI and x-rays. Once the injury is diagnosed, a treatment plan can be made. This can include having to wear special braces while the injury heals. In some cases, surgery is necessary. Spine fusion and other procedures might also be required. In almost all cases, you will need therapy to help you learn how to live life again.

Factors that impact how the injury affects you

One of the factors that impacts how the injury will affect you is how much the spinal cord is damaged. Very rarely does the fracture sever the spinal cord, and, in other cases, the spinal cord isn't even damaged.

The location of the spine fracture also has a part in how the injury will impact you. Most spine fractures are in the lower back at the T12 to L1 area. Some spine fractures occur in the neck. The location of the fracture matters because if the spinal cord is damaged, the effects of that damage will occur below the level of the injury.

People who suffer from a broken back in a car crash have every right and are encouraged to seek compensation for the damages. This may make it possible to afford treatments to improve your quality of life.

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