Driver arrested after fatal hit and run crash with bicyclist

Bicyclists throughout California are at constant risk of being in a crash with a car. When there is an accident between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, the rider's vulnerability is high, even if there are precautions taken, such as wearing a helmet and protective gear. There can be severe injuries, like broken bones, lacerations, head injuries and spinal cord injuries, even fatalities. These bike-car accidents are worse when the driver chooses to flee the scene, instead of stopping to provide aid and call 911.

For example, recently, a 41-year-old man riding his bicycle died after he was hit by a car that fled the scene. The bicyclist was thrown an estimated 50 feet after impact. Thankfully, the driver, a 25-year-old bartender, was eventually found. He was arrested for the hit-and-run accident. Area video surveillance was used to determine that the vehicle was a 1990s Mustang, which lead to the driver.

Bike crashes area especially injurious for the cyclist, and the injuries can be costly in a personal and professional way, with hospital stays, treatment and lost worktime. If there is a fatality, the cyclist's family is forced to pay funeral costs and move on. As such, a full investigation is necessary to prepare for a legal filing to help victims and their families.

Given the circumstances of this case and that there was a fatality, the decedent's family should protect themselves by discussing a case with a legal professional to recover compensation for all they have lost. While a lawsuit cannot bring back their loved one, it can make moving on easier.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Huntington Beach Bartender Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run of Fountain Valley Resident," Marin Austin and Karla Rendon, Sept. 13, 2017

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