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Wrong-way vehicle hits pedestrians, causing severe injuries

Drivers must adhere to Southern California law to keep everyone safe. For example, a driver should allow pedestrians to cross when there is a crosswalk. Drivers are also expected to stop at red lights and drive on the correct side of the road. Unfortunately, there are seemingly accidents every day in which a driver commits a violation, is simply not paying attention or is behaving recklessly. When there are pedestrian accidents, the victims can suffer severe injuries and even be killed. Having legal help to consider a legal filing to cover the costs and be compensated is important.

Voice activated systems can lead to being a distracted driver

In California, concerns about car accidents due to distracted drivers are now an everyday occurrence. With the prevalence of smartphones, people are constantly tempted to check their devices, even when they are behind the wheel and should be paying strict attention to what they are doing in that regard. However, other distractions go beyond texting, driving and checking emails.

Law enforcement moves to reduce bike and pedestrian accidents

In Orange County and throughout California, the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents that result in a fatality is becoming a worrisome trend. With the number of accidents involving vehicles hitting bicyclists and pedestrians, areas of the state are having law enforcement take steps to reduce their incidence. One tactic that resulted in close to 50 citations being written targeted violators. While this is a strategy to keep riders and pedestrians safe, it is unavoidable that a pedestrian or bicyclist versus auto accident will still come about.

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