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Voice activated systems can lead to being a distracted driver

In California, concerns about car accidents due to distracted drivers are now an everyday occurrence. With the prevalence of smartphones, people are constantly tempted to check their devices, even when they are behind the wheel and should be paying strict attention to what they are doing in that regard. However, other distractions go beyond texting, driving and checking emails.

A study from AAA says that "infotainment" systems in new vehicles can be a distraction as well. Drivers who are in an accident should be aware of this possibility. The study says that drivers who used the systems to issue voice commands and utilized touch screens for directional purposes were distracted for 40 seconds on average.

During the time for which they were distracted, if they were going 25 mph, they could have gone approximately 400 yards. The mental and visual demands associated with using these systems distracts the driver from what should be the primary focus: the road.

AAA looked at 30 of these systems and found that 23 of them placed high or very high demands on the driver's ability to operate the vehicle safely simultaneous to using them. According to its research, drivers who look away from the road for two seconds are at twice the risk of an accident. Automakers are dubious and critical of the study, saying that while texting and driving and handheld behaviors are dangerous, the new technology is being implemented with safety in mind.

In today's world, when there is a car crash, one of the most common reasons is that one of the drivers was using a device behind the wheel and not watching the road. This new study is indicative that even those devices that are meant to avoid distraction can still cause it. For those involved in car accidents, the medical expenses, lost time at work and long-term damage can be costly and life-changing. For help with seeking compensation in a legal filing, it is imperative to contact a qualified legal professional.

Source:, "Vehicle infotainment systems may increase distracted driving, AAA says," Daniel Steinberger, Erin Dooley, Jeffrey Cook, Oct. 5, 2017

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