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After a car wreck, you might have internal bleeding

Imagine driving to your favorite Fullerton supermarket. You have a long shopping list of snacks, drinks and other items you need for the Sunday family barbecue. The weather forecast is for near perfect weather and you are looking forward to some quality time with your family and friends. Unfortunately, your plans do not work out after another driver slams into the front of your car. After the wreck, you feel fine and assess your injuries as only superficial. Your car, on the other hand, is toast. By the end of the day, you begin to experience headaches and abdominal pain and you notice a large purple bruise forming on your torso.

Former Marine dies in hit and run crash with 2 vehicles

When there is a car accident in Southern California, drivers are expected to stop and render aid if it is necessary. At the very least, they should stop and make certain that everyone is safe and contact law enforcement for an accident report. This requirement is heightened when there is an accident with a pedestrian. Because they are not shielded with the protections that those in a car have, pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and death. When it is a hit and run, it becomes a criminal issue. Those who have been injured or had a loved one killed because of a fatal pedestrian accident should understand the importance of considering a legal filing.

Auto-pedestrian accident kills 1, injures 2

Throughout California, the vulnerability of pedestrians is well-known. Since it is difficult to get around in the state, particularly in Southern California, without a car, there are always many drivers on the road. Some will behave in a risky way, not adhere to the law, and place pedestrians at risk. Because pedestrian accidents can do so much damage, those who have been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident or lost a loved one in such a crash must know that a legal filing is often essential to recover adequate compensation for all that was lost.

Daylight Savings can lead to drowsy driving and car accidents

For Californians, Daylight Savings Time is considered a necessary part of the changing of seasons. Some are happy that they have the "extra" hour for the winter. Others are indifferent. However, there are dangers with Daylight Savings Time as it can lead to drowsy driving and car collisions. When there is an auto accident in the weeks surrounding Daylight Savings, it is important that the accident investigation consider drowsy driving as a potential cause.

Car accidents on the rise and the explanations are surprising

Californians should know the dangers of the road. One recent study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) examined fatal car accident data for 2016 and came to some surprising results on how many were caused by a distracted driver and other issues.

Penetrating chest injuries are life-threatening wounds

You enjoy traveling on the weekends, and you set off like always this week, heading down the coast. You didn't think anything would go wrong, because the weather was clear and the amount of traffic was relatively low. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to cause a crash, and that's what happened to you.

Alleged drunk driver goes through stop sign and kills man

No matter how hard Southern California law enforcement works to find and stop drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence, there will still be those who slip through the cracks and drive drunk or on drugs. This can lead to an auto accident with serious injuries and death. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver, the aftereffects can be significant and long-lasting. Having legal help to file a case is essential to being compensated for all that was lost in the present and future.

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