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December 2017 Archives

Recovering from a car accident can be expensive

As Fullerton residents reflect upon the events that shaped 2017 they may be reminded of positive experiences. They may have been fortunate to welcome new children into their families or to take on new homes or jobs that fulfill their desires for achievement. They may also, however, remember the difficult times that pushed their patience and stretched their capacities to cope with challenges.

What do I do if I am hit by an uninsured motorist?

Individuals who own vehicles in Fullerton are required to carry insurance for their vehicles. That insurance is necessary if they are involved in roadway accidents and need to provide financial help to the victims of the accidents they caused. It is also necessary to help the insurance holder when uninsured motorists hit them and leave them with expenses that must be paid.

Factors that may contribute to a pedestrian-automobile collision

Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles are an all too common occurrence in Southern California. These sometimes fatal incidents often happen when vehicle drivers allow themselves to be distracted from the important task of safely and responsibly operating their motor vehicles. Whether through in vehicle distractions or through a lack of regard for traffic laws, drivers create dangerous problems for the men, women and children who must walk on and near Fullerton roads.

How does alcohol impair a person's ability to drive?

As the holidays approach more and more Southern California residents may be making plans to attend parties. Whether those get-togethers are with neighbors and friends, family members or co-workers, there is one element that may be in common in all forms of celebrating: alcohol.

The importance of right of way in motorcycle accidents

Though many people use personal vehicles to drive to and from work, take their kids to school and to get to the places they want and need to go, fewer utilize motorcycles as their chosen modes of transportation. The weather in Fullerton accommodates motorcycle riding practically all year but still a relatively small portion of the population chooses motorcycles as their means of movement.

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