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How does alcohol impair a person's ability to drive?

As the holidays approach more and more Southern California residents may be making plans to attend parties. Whether those get-togethers are with neighbors and friends, family members or co-workers, there is one element that may be in common in all forms of celebrating: alcohol.

Beer, wine and other spirits are regularly and often responsibly consumed during the winter months as individuals celebrate togetherness and love. When individuals are aware of their drinking habits and take the time to find safe and sober ways home, drunk driving accidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, though, too many people choose to drive after having too much to drink and become dangers to themselves and others on the roads.

There are many ways that alcohol can impact a person's ability to drive. First, alcohol depresses the body's central nervous system (CNS). The body's CNS is responsible for sending communications throughout the body, such as coordinating movement to reactions from stimuli and threats to a person's safety.

If a driver's CNS is slowed due to alcohol they may not be able to stop in time if a hazard appears in front of them on the road. Drinking can also impair a person's brain functions and can cause lapses in judgement, blackouts and impaired vision. These critical skills are important to keeping a driver and their fellow motorists safe.

Most Fullerton residents will have happy and safe holidays this winter. However, those who are involved in vehicle accidents may discover that the negligent parties that caused their crashes were drunk. Victims of drunk driving accidents often have rights to compensation and options for pursuing their losses through civil lawsuits.

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