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The importance of right of way in motorcycle accidents

Though many people use personal vehicles to drive to and from work, take their kids to school and to get to the places they want and need to go, fewer utilize motorcycles as their chosen modes of transportation. The weather in Fullerton accommodates motorcycle riding practically all year but still a relatively small portion of the population chooses motorcycles as their means of movement.

The relative scarcity of motorcycles on local roads is one of the reasons that motorcycle accidents with larger vehicles often occur. Drivers of cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles are not always sure of how to react when a motorcycle approaches them while on the road. One of the biggest mistakes that drivers of larger vehicles make is failing to respect motorcycle drivers' rights of way.

A driver with the right of way has the right to go first through an intersection or otherwise cross oncoming traffic while opposing traffic waits. When oncoming vehicles and their drivers fail to stop or yield to motorcycles crossing their paths damaging and sometimes deadly collisions can occur.

Aside from right of way vehicle drivers often fail to respect motorcycle drivers' as they pass or approach drivers from behind. Drivers of large vehicles often cross in front of motorcycles, cutting them off or forcing them off of the roads they are traveling on.

Drivers of large vehicles are in the wrong when they fail to respect the right of way of motorcyclists. While in some cases drivers are entitled to turn in front of or before motorcyclists, it is often the error of the vehicle driver who creates a dangerous situation and potential accident with a motorcycle.

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