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Pedestrian accidents involving children

Pedestrian accidents are often tragic incidents that result in serious injuries or even death for the unfortunate individuals who are struck by motor vehicles. In California pedestrian accidents are relatively common and one portion of the population is especially prone to suffering harm in these often preventable collisions: children.

Due to the small statutes and generally erratic conduct children are often the victims of crashes people humans and cars. It can be hard for drivers to see them when they are in the road as they may not be tall enough to be seen out of a vehicle's windshield or windows, and children are capable of impulsively running into roads if they are chasing others or intend to retrieve objects that have stopped in the paths of vehicles.

Drivers always have a duty of care that must be extended to others that they may encounter and this applies to pedestrians as well. However, when it comes to pedestrian children drivers must exhibit a heightened standard of care. When a driver is operating their motor vehicle in a location where children are likely to be present, such as a school zone or a park, and the driver should be aware of that fact then the driver must exhibit greater care than their usual duty in other circumstances.

A pedestrian accident can change the course of a person's life and impose significant emotional and financial burdens upon a family. Particularly when a child is harmed may a family be forced to cover extensive and life-long costs to ensure that the victim is provided with sufficient care. Pedestrian accident victims including children can seek compensation for their damages through personal injury lawsuits.

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