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Hit-and-run accidents can involve uninsured motorist claims

A hit-and-run accident happens when a victim is struck by the vehicle of another driver, but the negligent or reckless party who caused the collision does not stay at the scene of the accident after it has occurred. While in some cases law enforcement officials are able to track down hit-and-run drivers so that California victims can pursue their right to seek compensation, in other situations victims may never know who caused them to suffer their losses.

When a hit-and-run accident occurs and the victim cannot identify the party that caused their harm, they may have to make an uninsured motorist claim. This may only be possible if the victim carries uninsured motorist insurance (UMI.) Rather than suing the responsible party or making a claim against the responsible party's insurance, the victim must work with their own insurance carrier to have their losses covered.

Not all UMI claims are paid out. An insurer may not be able to determine that the unknown driver was at fault or may find through their investigation that there is no basis for the individual's claim. While some of these denials of payment may be legitimate, from time to time insurers engage in bad faith practices that can leave victims without the help they need.

When a hit-and-run accident happens, it is important for Californians to remember that they have rights and options for seeking financial help with their losses. It can be beneficial for them to contact personal injury attorneys who understand and handle uninsured motorist accident cases and who have familiarity with hit-and-run litigation. From there, a victim and their attorney can develop a case strategy that will allow the victim to pursue the compensation they need to move their life forward.

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