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March 2018 Archives

Cellphone use while driving is a problem across the country

Readers of this Southern California personal injury blog probably cannot even imagine living without their cellphones. A generation ago cellphones were not the Internet-ready smart devices that they are today. Back then, their ubiquity was significantly reduced due to size, cost and perceived need. Now, however, a person is more likely to have a cellphone on them than practically anything else.

Highway accidents between vehicles and pedestrians are complex

A Southern California driver may see any number of interesting and unusual vehicles on the many freeways and highways that traverse the area. From expensive sports cars to massive tractor-trailers to motorcycles, practically any motor vehicle may travel to and through Fullerton. However, despite the fact that every single vehicle that drives on a highway must be operated by a driver, it is always a surprise to motorists to see pedestrians on freeways and other high-speed throughways.

Life-changing injuries: What you need to do

Car crashes have an immediate impact that you feel in every facet of your life. You suddenly realize how easy it is to suffer a life-changing injury. Your personal relationships change. You may miss work or struggle with finances, and your ability to enjoy the things you once did may no longer exist.

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