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Cellphone use while driving is a problem across the country

Readers of this Southern California personal injury blog probably cannot even imagine living without their cellphones. A generation ago cellphones were not the Internet-ready smart devices that they are today. Back then, their ubiquity was significantly reduced due to size, cost and perceived need. Now, however, a person is more likely to have a cellphone on them than practically anything else.

However, the presence and popularly of cellphones in the modern age has done more than connect people faster and make information easier to obtain. It has made certain endeavors more dangerous, as statistics released by the Federal Communications Commission make clear. For example, during any given time of daylight there are around 660,000 drivers on American roads using cellphones, and therefore are distracted from the already dangerous task of operating motor vehicles.

Young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 are most likely to use their cellphones while behind the wheel of their cars, but any driver can succumb to this dangerous practice. And dangerous it is, as the FCC reports that more than eight people die each day on American roads due to drivers distracted by cellphones and other diversions.

Cellphone use and distracted driving kill victims each year, and Fullerton residents who have been affected by this problem may not know what to do. As with other injury-causing car accidents, victims of distracted driving crashes may seek compensation for their losses from the parties who caused their harm through negligence-based personal injury legal actions. Consultation with personal injury attorneys may help victims become knowledgeable about their rights and options.

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