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Highway accidents between vehicles and pedestrians are complex

A Southern California driver may see any number of interesting and unusual vehicles on the many freeways and highways that traverse the area. From expensive sports cars to massive tractor-trailers to motorcycles, practically any motor vehicle may travel to and through Fullerton. However, despite the fact that every single vehicle that drives on a highway must be operated by a driver, it is always a surprise to motorists to see pedestrians on freeways and other high-speed throughways.

This is because, for the most part, pedestrians are not supposed to be on highways and freeways. They are generally not allowed to walk along these types of roads, nor are they supposed to cross them. High-speed roads do not have stop signs or lights where pedestrians may safely get from one side to the other, and they also do not have sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on.

As such, when a pedestrian is spotted on or near a high-speed road it can be startling to a driver. Often, though, pedestrians do not choose to be out of their vehicles in these dangerous locations. When a car is involved in an accident while on the freeway, the driver and passengers may need to exit their vehicle despite the fast-moving traffic near them.

It is when a driver's vehicle has been involved in an accident that many freeway-based pedestrian accidents occur. A driver may be investigating the damage to their vehicle, attempting to make repairs or speaking to other parties involved in the crash. While pedestrians in these precarious situations are expected to act reasonably, so too are other drivers who may encounter individuals out of their vehicles near accidents.

When a person is harmed in a freeway-based pedestrian accident, they may want to discuss their case with a personal injury attorney. This form of pedestrian accident case can be more complicated than others due to the fact that pedestrians generally are not supposed to be out on high-speed roads. To protect their rights, victims of highway pedestrian accidents may seek individual counsel on the legal issues that may impact their cases.

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