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Life-changing injuries: What you need to do

Car crashes have an immediate impact that you feel in every facet of your life. You suddenly realize how easy it is to suffer a life-changing injury. Your personal relationships change. You may miss work or struggle with finances, and your ability to enjoy the things you once did may no longer exist.

As someone who is a victim of a car crash, you need to know that your injuries are taken seriously. Your medical providers give you all the information you need about how to best care for yourself and heal, but you also need the support and backing of strong finances and a support system of people you love and trust.

What should you do if you suffer a life-changing injury?

The first thing anyone should do after getting hurt is to get immediate medical care. Once that care gets you to a stable place, it's time to look into your legal position. Were you in a crash because the driver wasn't paying attention? Were you struck as a pedestrian because a driver fell asleep behind the wheel? Are you the victim of a drunk driving accident? The reason for your crash matters, and it gives you leverage when negotiating with insurers.

It's typical for insurers to cover your necessary medical expenses while you're recovering until you reach a settlement. Sometimes, they'll ask you to collect your medical bills and to submit them once you have those documents. Make sure you always keep copies. Your attorney needs them to help you keep track of your expenses. Your attorney may use this information to leverage a higher payout for you, so you don't end up with a settlement that's too low for the level of care you need in the future.

Remember, medical care isn't the only cost

While most people think about medical care expenses first when it comes to a settlement, you shouldn't settle for the cost of medical care. Other things, like travel costs, lost wages and your pain and suffering, also have to come into consideration. There's also the fact that you have to plan for your future needs. If you have injuries that may require surgery, updated medical equipment or other ongoing therapies, you should never settle for less than you need to continue getting the best medical care possible.

After a crash, your world is upside down. It's your right to pursue the best care to get back to a normal life as soon as possible. A good settlement helps you do that.

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