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Cellphone use while driving is a problem across the country

Readers of this Southern California personal injury blog probably cannot even imagine living without their cellphones. A generation ago cellphones were not the Internet-ready smart devices that they are today. Back then, their ubiquity was significantly reduced due to size, cost and perceived need. Now, however, a person is more likely to have a cellphone on them than practically anything else.

Tired tow truck driver causes multi-vehicle auto accident

A dangerous collision recently happened in Orange County when a tow truck driver fell asleep while operating their rig. The incident occurred in Santa Ana and involved four vehicles aside from the tow truck, including three small cars and a minivan.

Is comparative negligence recognized in California?

When a California driver is involved in a motor vehicle collision there are several important steps that should be followed. They should first attend to any medical or health-related emergencies that may stem from their involvement in the collision. Being checked out by a medical professional is a good way to ensure that a victim has not suffered a latent injury that they are not aware of. They should also collect as much information about their accident as possible.

Recovering from a car accident can be expensive

As Fullerton residents reflect upon the events that shaped 2017 they may be reminded of positive experiences. They may have been fortunate to welcome new children into their families or to take on new homes or jobs that fulfill their desires for achievement. They may also, however, remember the difficult times that pushed their patience and stretched their capacities to cope with challenges.

Daylight Savings can lead to drowsy driving and car accidents

For Californians, Daylight Savings Time is considered a necessary part of the changing of seasons. Some are happy that they have the "extra" hour for the winter. Others are indifferent. However, there are dangers with Daylight Savings Time as it can lead to drowsy driving and car collisions. When there is an auto accident in the weeks surrounding Daylight Savings, it is important that the accident investigation consider drowsy driving as a potential cause.

Car accidents on the rise and the explanations are surprising

Californians should know the dangers of the road. One recent study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) examined fatal car accident data for 2016 and came to some surprising results on how many were caused by a distracted driver and other issues.

Voice activated systems can lead to being a distracted driver

In California, concerns about car accidents due to distracted drivers are now an everyday occurrence. With the prevalence of smartphones, people are constantly tempted to check their devices, even when they are behind the wheel and should be paying strict attention to what they are doing in that regard. However, other distractions go beyond texting, driving and checking emails.

Driver arrested after fatal hit and run crash with bicyclist

Bicyclists throughout California are at constant risk of being in a crash with a car. When there is an accident between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, the rider's vulnerability is high, even if there are precautions taken, such as wearing a helmet and protective gear. There can be severe injuries, like broken bones, lacerations, head injuries and spinal cord injuries, even fatalities. These bike-car accidents are worse when the driver chooses to flee the scene, instead of stopping to provide aid and call 911.

Research shows risk of a distracted driver in school zones

It is important to keep track of studies on dangerous road behaviors, so if there is a car accident, there is a point-of-reference as to how it might have happened. One of the most common reasons for these crashes in California is due to a distracted driver. Texting, driving and other activities that take a driver's eyes from the road can cause a car crash with injuries and fatalities.

Distracted drivers are still a major issue in California

While it is known how dangerous distracted driving is in California and throughout the U.S., there is a sense of inevitability that people will continue to do it. For the most part, law enforcement does not stop drivers who are driving while distracted. When there is a car collision, one of the first things that is considered as a cause is distraction. Despite the apparent indifference to the practice by its practitioners and those who are supposed to put a stop to it, when there is a crash with injuries and fatalities, those who were affected should be aware of how to pursue a legal case for compensation.

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