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Research shows risk of a distracted driver in school zones

It is important to keep track of studies on dangerous road behaviors, so if there is a car accident, there is a point-of-reference as to how it might have happened. One of the most common reasons for these crashes in California is due to a distracted driver. Texting, driving and other activities that take a driver's eyes from the road can cause a car crash with injuries and fatalities.

Distracted drivers are still a major issue in California

While it is known how dangerous distracted driving is in California and throughout the U.S., there is a sense of inevitability that people will continue to do it. For the most part, law enforcement does not stop drivers who are driving while distracted. When there is a car collision, one of the first things that is considered as a cause is distraction. Despite the apparent indifference to the practice by its practitioners and those who are supposed to put a stop to it, when there is a crash with injuries and fatalities, those who were affected should be aware of how to pursue a legal case for compensation.

Car accident statistics significant rise from 2015

Drivers in Southern California should pay attention to the statistics of motor vehicle accidents to understand their cause and effect and to do whatever is possible to avoid them. Researchers check the numbers regularly to determine how these crashes happen. A recent report from the National Safety Council says that approximately 18,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents across the U.S. for the first half of 2017. There were an estimated 2.1 million who suffered serious injuries. This is a reduction of 1 percent from the same juncture in 2016, but it is 8 percent higher than the first half of the year in 2015.

Study shows high risk for teens to be in a car accident

When car accident research is conducted, the goal is to determine how and why these crashes happen and, if possible, take steps to reduce their frequency. Given the number of crashes that occur in California for a variety of reasons, this information can be beneficial. One recent study that utilized statistics accrued from multiple sources including AAA, California Highway Patrol and others found that new teen drivers age 16 to 17 are three times as likely to be in a fatal accident when compared with adults.

Accident investigation ongoing after car hits people on sidewalk

Any auto accident will carry with it certain risks for people to be injured and killed. This is what makes them so dangerous. It is when these car accidents involve people who are simply standing on a sidewalk that there can be an exponential amount of damage to the victims. Not having the protection of being in another vehicle and getting hit at a location where people are expecting to be safe adds the surprise factor into the equation. Being aware of the consequences and knowing how to take steps to pursue compensation is imperative after this kind of crash.

States with legal marijuana have increase in car accidents

California recreational use of marijuana was legalized in the fall of 2016. While that was viewed as a victory for those who believe its use to be harmless and up to the individual, provided they are of legal age, there were still concerns that it could lead to other issues. Law enforcement made certain to emphasize that a car accident while high on marijuana would be viewed similarly as a drunk driving accident. This matter was studied in the context of other states that legalized marijuana, and it was found that there has been a rise in crashes in those states.

Study: risky behaviors for car accidents prevalent in California

A car collision can happen anywhere regardless of the statistics and the perceptions that accompany certain locations. However, there are certain locations where the numbers show that it is fundamentally more dangerous to be on the road. Los Angeles and several other areas on California are statistically considered some of the most dangerous areas in the U.S. A study from QuoteWizard Insurance conducted the research and provided this information.

Should California residents be afraid of self-driving cars?

Every day, there seems to be more reports about the advances in self-driving automobile technology. Many people seem to believe that this is an inevitable "wave of the future," and that someday, in the near future, self-driving cars will become the norm. But, are people really onboard with this concept? A recent report suggests that the companies behind this technology still have quite a ways to go to win people over.

The role of police in the aftermath of a car accident

Most Californians have likely observed the scene on the side of the road: an accident has occurred, the drivers are standing by their damaged vehicles and a police officer is on the scene, making notes about everything involved. However, what some people do not realize is just how important the role a police officer has in the aftermath of a car accident.

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