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Pursuing damages after a drunk driving accident

For many years and through many law enforcement and educational campaigns, Californians have been taught the important rule that drinking and driving do not mix. This is because alcohol is an intoxicant that can impair a driver's ability to observe and respond to the many hazards and situations that can occur when they are behind the wheel of their automobile. However, despite the seemingly universal knowledge that drunk driving is dangerous, an unfortunate number of people still try to operate their vehicles when they have alcohol in their systems.

How does alcohol impair a person's ability to drive?

As the holidays approach more and more Southern California residents may be making plans to attend parties. Whether those get-togethers are with neighbors and friends, family members or co-workers, there is one element that may be in common in all forms of celebrating: alcohol.

Alleged drunk driver goes through stop sign and kills man

No matter how hard Southern California law enforcement works to find and stop drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence, there will still be those who slip through the cracks and drive drunk or on drugs. This can lead to an auto accident with serious injuries and death. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver, the aftereffects can be significant and long-lasting. Having legal help to file a case is essential to being compensated for all that was lost in the present and future.

Pedestrian in crosswalk dies after being hit by a drunk driver

Encountering a drunk driver can happen without warning in Southern California and cause serious injuries, even death. These accidents are made worse when it is between a vehicle and a pedestrian. Since a pedestrian has no protection when he or she is hit, an accident caused by a drunk driver often has catastrophic results. Those who are hit by a drunk driver or lost a loved one hit by a drunk driver must be aware of their rights to be compensated in a legal filing.

Drunk driving accidents are prevalent in California

California is the most populous state in the country. So, it should come as no surprise that we also have the most drivers on the roads - and the most car accidents. The cause of these car accidents vary, from traffic violations to distracted driving. But, there is one cause of car accidents that should never happen: drunk driving.

How victims prove liability after a drunk driving accident

Car accidents occur in California for many different reasons. In some cases, a driver distracted by a cellphone may have caused the accident. In others, it might have been a driver committing a traffic violation. And, unfortunately, many car accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

How common are drunk driving accidents?

It is a sad reality that drunk driving accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries in California and across the United States each year. It seems that no matter how much of an emphasis public policy makers put on combatting drunk driving, it still occurs. But, just how common are drunk driving accidents?

Pair hit by a drunk driver in overnight crash taken to hospital

It is unfortunate that there are motorists who are reckless, don't pay strict attention to the road, are negligent or engage in behaviors that place themselves and others in danger. These drivers are everywhere and one of the most dangerous behaviors in which they partake is drinking and driving. An accident caused by a drunk driver can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Those who are involved in this type of auto accident need to understand their possible rights to be compensated.

California attorneys represent those hit by a drunk driver

The New Year is here, and many people in California rang in 2017 with champagne and kisses. Unfortunately, this also meant that some people overindulged, and got behind the wheel of a car while drunk. This is a seriously negligent move, as a drunk driver is unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. They may speed, swerve between lanes, go the wrong way down a one-way street and ultimately crash into another vehicle.

California woman dies in suspected drunk driving crash

The loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when that loss is sudden and unexpected. A California woman passed away recently after her vehicle was hit by a wrong-way driver. Now that driver is being accused of driving under the influence.

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