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We advocate for motorcycle accident victims

Motorcycle accidents happen when vehicles and motorcycles collide on Southern California roads. At the Law Offices of Steven M. Hanna, we understand that as the victim of this unique type of crash your case may be very different than one associated with an accident between two cars or trucks. Special issues may be relevant to motorcycle accident cases that are not to other types of roadway collisions.

Lane splitting is now legal in California

For many years California motorcyclists have engaged in what is commonly known as lane splitting. Lane splitting involves a motorcycle driving between lanes of traffic, and until last year was technically not legal. While some suggest that lane splitting existed in a grey area of the law where it was neither permitted nor impermissible, motorcycle riders can now partake in the practice legally when they follow the rules.

California motorcycle officer seriously hurt in highway accident

A secondary accident on a busy California highway resulted in a California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycle officer suffering serious bodily injuries and being taken to a hospital. Although the officer is expected to survive, an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The importance of right of way in motorcycle accidents

Though many people use personal vehicles to drive to and from work, take their kids to school and to get to the places they want and need to go, fewer utilize motorcycles as their chosen modes of transportation. The weather in Fullerton accommodates motorcycle riding practically all year but still a relatively small portion of the population chooses motorcycles as their means of movement.

Motorcycle accident can occur due to rider stunts on the road

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in Southern California and they must share the road with drivers of conventional vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Most simply go about their business and do not engage in behaviors that place themselves and other drivers in danger. However, there are some who behave recklessly and place people at risk of being in a crash. An accident with a motorcyclist is generally perceived as being due to motorcycle unawareness or a violation by a driver, but motorcycle riders can sometimes take part in certain activities that can cause cars to crash.

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can require long-term care

While there are many different benefits to riding a motorcycle in California, there is one significant drawback: motorcyclists have little protection from external forces a collision. Yes, many motorcyclists wear helmets and other protective gear, but, in many cases, those safety measures do not help much when another vehicle slams into the motorcycle.

What problems do motorcyclists face on Fullerton roads?

Some people will say that when a person decides to ride a motorcycle that person is taking an inherent risk. Why? Well, some would argue that it has been shown that riding a motorcycle is definitely more dangerous than traveling in a passenger vehicle. But, why is that? What problems do motorcyclists face on the roads of Fullerton?

The impact of motorcycle accidents in America

The impact of any given motorcycle accident can be felt by multiple parties. The injured motorcyclist may have serious injuries that will need weeks or even months of medical attention. That injured person's family will likely bear a significant financial impact as a result. And then, the other driver who caused the accident will face the prospect of a personal injury lawsuit.

Motorcycle accident statistics show more deaths, fewer injuries

Unlike many other parts of the country, there is never a part of the year when residents of Southern California have to put their motorcycles up due to the winter weather. So, while many people throughout many parts of America are just now getting their motorcycles out as spring approaches, Southern California residents have been riding their motorcycles throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, this increased amount of exposure time on the roadways might increase the likelihood of motorcycle accidents occurring.

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