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Former Marine dies in hit and run crash with 2 vehicles

When there is a car accident in Southern California, drivers are expected to stop and render aid if it is necessary. At the very least, they should stop and make certain that everyone is safe and contact law enforcement for an accident report. This requirement is heightened when there is an accident with a pedestrian. Because they are not shielded with the protections that those in a car have, pedestrian accidents can result in serious injuries and death. When it is a hit and run, it becomes a criminal issue. Those who have been injured or had a loved one killed because of a fatal pedestrian accident should understand the importance of considering a legal filing.

Auto-pedestrian accident kills 1, injures 2

Throughout California, the vulnerability of pedestrians is well-known. Since it is difficult to get around in the state, particularly in Southern California, without a car, there are always many drivers on the road. Some will behave in a risky way, not adhere to the law, and place pedestrians at risk. Because pedestrian accidents can do so much damage, those who have been injured in an auto-pedestrian accident or lost a loved one in such a crash must know that a legal filing is often essential to recover adequate compensation for all that was lost.

Wrong-way vehicle hits pedestrians, causing severe injuries

Drivers must adhere to Southern California law to keep everyone safe. For example, a driver should allow pedestrians to cross when there is a crosswalk. Drivers are also expected to stop at red lights and drive on the correct side of the road. Unfortunately, there are seemingly accidents every day in which a driver commits a violation, is simply not paying attention or is behaving recklessly. When there are pedestrian accidents, the victims can suffer severe injuries and even be killed. Having legal help to consider a legal filing to cover the costs and be compensated is important.

Law enforcement moves to reduce bike and pedestrian accidents

In Orange County and throughout California, the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents that result in a fatality is becoming a worrisome trend. With the number of accidents involving vehicles hitting bicyclists and pedestrians, areas of the state are having law enforcement take steps to reduce their incidence. One tactic that resulted in close to 50 citations being written targeted violators. While this is a strategy to keep riders and pedestrians safe, it is unavoidable that a pedestrian or bicyclist versus auto accident will still come about.

Auto-pedestrian accident kills man in wheelchair

Everyone who is on the road in Orange County and throughout California should be vigilant and aware of his or her surroundings. Pedestrians might believe that because they are not in a motor vehicle, they are relatively safe from an auto accident. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents happen quite frequently and cause serious injuries and deaths. People who are not protected by a vehicle and are hit are susceptible to significant damage. These can cost massive amounts in medical expenses, lost wages and more if the person survives. If there is a fatality, the family left behind will be forced to deal with the financial and personal fallout. In these circumstances, people should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Teen arrested for DUI after auto-pedestrian accident

During the summer in Southern California, there will be many teens on the road. Their inexperience can make them a danger to other drivers and pedestrians who are also on the road. Compounding these dangers is when the teen driver is operating the vehicle recklessly and under the influence. When there are pedestrian accidents, regardless of the cause, there can be severe injuries and even death. Those who have been in an auto accident as a pedestrian need to know how to seek compensation through a legal filing for all they have lost.

The causes of pedestrian accidents are all too common

No one can blame Southern California residents for wanting to walk or ride their bicycles for either recreation or short trips. The weather in the local area is beautiful, and it is great to be outside. However, there are some unfortunate negative aspects to traveling as a pedestrian. Namely, the rate of pedestrian accidents in Southern California can be high.

Pedestrian killed in truck collision

California, with the highest population in the country and great weather year-round, sees a disproportionately high number of pedestrian accidents, when compared with other states. Based on the numbers and other factors, this seems logical. However, drivers should do more to make sure that they are not putting pedestrians in peril. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, one driver failed in this responsibility.

Know some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents

Most people in Fullerton don't expect calamity to occur when they are out for a walk or a jog. Unfortunately, the reality is that pedestrian accidents are fairly common. Motorists these days have become more dangerous than ever it seems, as they are constantly distracted by their smartphones and other issues while driving. Sadly, it is pedestrians who pay the price for this negligence.

Auto-pedestrian accident statistics show a worrisome rise

Pedestrians in California and across the U.S. are vulnerable to serious injuries and fatalities in an accident with an automobile. These accidents happen for a number of reasons, whether it is a negligent driver, a failure to observe on the part of the motorist, distraction, recklessness or alcohol or drugs. Studies are constantly being done to try to determine how these accidents happen and, more importantly, how to prevent them. A recent study examined the nationwide statistics to come to conclusions on this matter and yielded some surprising results.

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