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After a car wreck, you might have internal bleeding

Imagine driving to your favorite Fullerton supermarket. You have a long shopping list of snacks, drinks and other items you need for the Sunday family barbecue. The weather forecast is for near perfect weather and you are looking forward to some quality time with your family and friends. Unfortunately, your plans do not work out after another driver slams into the front of your car. After the wreck, you feel fine and assess your injuries as only superficial. Your car, on the other hand, is toast. By the end of the day, you begin to experience headaches and abdominal pain and you notice a large purple bruise forming on your torso.

Penetrating chest injuries are life-threatening wounds

You enjoy traveling on the weekends, and you set off like always this week, heading down the coast. You didn't think anything would go wrong, because the weather was clear and the amount of traffic was relatively low. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to cause a crash, and that's what happened to you.

Spine fractures are very serious injuries

Back and neck injuries are common when you are involved in a car accident. One of the injuries that is possible in these cases is a spine fracture. Car crashes account for around 45 percent of spine fractures. Because fractures in arms and legs are so common, many people tend to downplay the severity of a spine fracture.

Why you shouldn't settle an insurance claim without an attorney

You pay for your motor vehicle insurance every month. You do so because you believe that if you get into a serious accident or crash that your insurance will cover the costs. It's easy to forget, but insurance companies are businesses. They are not in operation to take care of their customers and policy holders. They are in business to make money. The more they have to pay out for each claim, the less profit they make. Your insurance company has a motive to deny you full compensation or benefits you've paid for.

Broken bones? They could lead to life-threatening complications

Most people have broken a bone or two in their lives. It's not usually seen as a life-threatening condition, unless the break itself is protruding through the skin. In most cases, the bone has to be set and the body part requires a cast (if possible).

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