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Areas of Practice in Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries can happen in a multitude of ways. Below are some of our most common cases. If you don't see your injury below, give us a call!

Slip, Trip, and Fall

As one of the most common forms of personal injury, slip, trip, and fall accidents occur on a daily basis. Under premises liability a property owner is required to ensure that their property is in a reasonably safe condition.

This "duty of care" obligates the property owner or controller to maintain, inspect, repair, or warn of dangerous conditions on the property. If you have been a victim of a property owner's negligence, it's important to report the incident to a manager on site and take pictures of the area in which you had fallen.

Motorcycle Accidents


Did you know that more than 15,500 motorcycle injuries occurred last year in California Alone? Many drivers are negligent in their day to day driving which creates unsafe conditions for motorcyclists.

If you find yourself in an accident while riding your motorcycle, contact our office to see what we can do for your case today.

Car Accidents


Suffer bruising, broken bones, back pain, or a general injury from a car accident? Insurance companies will often do their best to avoid compensating you fairly if you do not have legal representation.

No broken bones? Soft tissue injuries still affect the day-to-day lives of our clients. We will fight for you to get you the money you deserve!


Dog Bites 

Everybody fears the untrained aggressive dog in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the reckless disregard for others safety by the owner of said dog can result in medical bills, emotional trauma, and injuries that affect your quality of life.

If you have been bitten by a dog, call our office today to see what we can to get you reimbursed for your medical bills and pain & suffering.

Orthopedic Injuries

Broken bones often result in expensive medical bills and lasting pain & suffering that often affects the emotional state of our clients as a result of limited mobility, excruciating pain, etc.  

If your quality of life is being affected from a broken bone as a result of a car crash, slip and fall, assault, or another incidence where an opposing party is at fault, you stand to claim damages for your medical bills and lasting emotional effects.

If you have more questions about orthopedic injuries and the steps that can be taken to remedy your monetary and emotional damages, call our office today.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are unfortunately something that we have seen many times in the past. These incidents can range anywhere from automobile accidents to being fatally wounded on someone else's property.

Speak to one of our seasoned personal injury lawyers to see what we can do for your family today.

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